LZ Bluegrass 2004 Reunion

Photos compliments of J.R. Davis

Grace Donnelly was dipping the cigar in a little wine.

Bill and the boys look pretty interested in the conversation.

My son and beautiful wife. Steve Jr. and Cheryl Shircliff

Toohey, Donnelly, Top Bates, York, Davis, Butch Waddill

Jimmy Glenn & J.R. Davis sharing the brotherhood!

Ron Moore, J. R. Davis, Keith Blankenship after all the years.

J.R. Davis, Willie "Horse Collar" Wilson & John York

Doc Loew, Mr. Nickie Smith, J.R. Davis

The Boss of Tun Tavern, Jim and Linda Flathers

Big Jim Flathers, Doc Rose, J.R. Davis, Leland Upshaw

The Delta Gang in force again.

Doc Rose, Leland Upshaw, John Wood.

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