A three year project to honor the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion at the Veterans Park in Ocala, Florida is finally completed. A special row of memorial bricks have been added that includes all of the Battalion's and the two attached Force Recon Companies that served together in South Vietnam. This brings the overall total of inscribed memorial bricks to 81, and includes, as the center-piece, a 4-color, polished granite plaque with the 3rd Recon unit insignia and listing the battalion’s four Medal Of Honor recipients.

Also completed is a 4-color polished granite plaque with our unit insignia, thanks to the generous donations of fellow 3rd Reconners. This plaque, also referred to as a Battle Plaque, measures 2 feet by 2 feet by 2-1/4 inches thick. The 4 color unit crest measures approximately 23 inches across by 15 inches tall, see design below. The plaque is placed on the outside park wall which borders Purple Heart Boulevard. Both of these memorials pay lasting tribute to the courage, honor, and sacrifice of the men who served in South Vietnam with the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, (Rein), from 1961-1971.

We would like to thank Mike Horan for his countless efforts to make this wonderful tribute possible. Mike has worked with the local authorities for a couple years to see that the brave men of 3rd Recon will forever be remembered. For this outstanding job we offer you a HAND SALUTE!!!

Photos of the Memorial Dedication and many of those in attendance can be seen on the following pages.

Photos of Dedication Ceremony

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