3rd Recon Bn Today

Bn Photos and Comm Check from 3rd Recons SgtMaj. Thom

These photographs were taken at Twenty Nine Palms MCB just prior to shipping over to Camp Fallujah, Iraq.

In the following pages are some current photos of these Marines in Iraq.

The following is a letter written by former 3rd Recon Bn Sgt/Maj.Thom.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Wm Thom and I am the current 3D Recon Bn SgtMajor.
I assumed my billet in Dec 2004 and since that time the Bn has deployed to Camp Fallujah, Iraq.
We arrived here last month and have begun conducting aggressive counter insurgency operations.
I have H&S Company, A Company and E Company with me at this time. All are very fine young men
and of course pretty damn good Marines and Sailors as well. I've taken the liberty to send you all some
photos of the men, that were taken the last time we were all together at 29 Palms. I will try my best to get some
photos of all the guys here in country but I'm sure you realize the hazards of getting this many men together at one time.

My biggest mission here today is to establish comms between the 3D Recon Bn of today and with it's distinguished former members.
It is our (my) intention to keep you as up to date as possible with the Bn's status and of course with it's successes as well.
Given our operational tempo, I'll try and get you something on a monthly basis or little more given when those ops end.

Okay Gents, that all I have from here at the moment, I look forward to your replies/guidance. Lastly, I would like to set you all at ease
by saying that your Bn's Colors are in very capable hands. Each day I watch these young men in action and they make me very proud,
they truly are their generation's heroes. Until I hear from you, Take care and all the best to you and all that is yours.

"Semper Fi"

Sgt/Maj. Wm. Thom

Alpha Company 29 Palms MCB

Echo Company 29 Palms MCB

H&S Co 29 Palms MCB

3rd Recon Bn 29 Palms MCB

Photos from Camp Fallujah, Iraq