Training Exercises in Okinawa

Circa 65

These photos were sent by a Marine with III MAF

These photos were taken during a pre-Nam exercise. The actual raid took place at night.
The training was to simulate embarking and disembarking rafts from a submarine.
The AmTracs were the closest thing we could get to a submarine and a lot cheaper.
Hauling those rubber rafts up and securing them to the small topside deck space of an AmTrac
was a bit cumbersome. Especially since the returning Marines were dog tired.

One Marine was nudged overboard by a raft being positioned. He went head first, out of sight, down to Davy Jones. "Man overboard", I yelled,
straining to get my radio helmet off and to get out of the crew chief hatch. By the time I was standing topside, he came out of the water like a porpoise.
Funny looking porpoise, he still had his weapon, and all his gear.

When he was back on board we all were laughing. I said to him, "We thought you were a goner, $#/*^@?!!!."
He looked up and shot back, "Not today, $#/*^@?!!! ". Good words to live by.

If anyone happens to remember that day I would like to hear from them.

Semper Fi

Jim Seifert

If anyone in the Bn has infomation on these photos please send to Shortround