Doc Webbers Recent Visit to Mt. Suribachi

Carl Peterson, Gerry Perez, Jim Adkins & Doc Webber.

Doc collecting a small bit of sand at the Cemetery Memorial.

Blue Beach with Mount Suribachi in the background.

Doc Webber on top of Mt. Suribachi

Iwo Flag Location

Info for John Bradley

We reenacted the Iwo flag raising on top of Suribachi with members of the Young Marines and a few Iwo Vets during the visit.

A quote from the now deceased Major General Graves B. Erskine,
Commanding General of the Third Marine Division.

"There is talk of great history, of the greatest fight in our history, of unheard-of sacrifice and unheard-of courage.
These phrases are correct, but they are prematurely employed. The evidence has not sufficiently been examined.
Even the words and phrases used by historians to describe the fight for Iwo Jima,
when the piecemeal story of our dead comes to light, will be inadequate.

Victory was never in doubt. Its cost was. What was in doubt, in all our minds, was whether there would be any of us left to dedicate
our cemetery at the end, or whether the last Marine would die knocking out the last Japanese gun and gunner.

Let the world count the crosses. Let them count them over and over. Let us do away with names, with ranks and rates
and unit designations, here. Do away with the terms-regular, reserve, veteran, boot, old-timer, replacement.

They are empty, categorizing words which belong only in the adjutant's dull vocabulary.

Here lie only … Marines."

The Picture

Iwo Jima and the Future of the Marine Corps