2003 Robert H. Jenkins Jr. Award

2003 Jenkins Award Report

I traveled to Palatka, Florida, in May, to represent our association in this year's presentation of the Robert H. Jenkins, Jr. Award. Robert H. Jenkins, Jr., one of 3rd Recon's four Medal of Honor recipients, is honored annually by our association, under the leadership and guidance of Fred Ostrom's Jenkins Committee. The award ceremony is held in Robert's hometown, at a middle-school named in his honor.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students at Jenkins Middle School are selected as recipients of the award under criteria developed by Fred's committee and the school. I was proud to be able to attend the 8th grade ceremony this year, and present the plaque and check to 8th grader. Christopher Barnett . Sixth and seventh grade recipients were Sammi Jo Griffith and Andrea Leary, respectively.

The Jenkins Award is part of our ongoing effort to honor a great American hero and continue our mission to remember, honor, and educate. Through Fred's diligent work with the Jenkins Award, and with his help, we have designed a similar award program for 3rd Recon Medal of Honor recipient Terrance Graves. The first Graves Awards were presented this past June in Groton, New York. It is hoped that the other two 3rd Recon Medal of Honor awardees will soon be similarly honored.

Our mission to remember, honor, and educate is well served by these programs. Fred, and those who have worked so hard with him, are owed a hearty round of thanks - as well as a salute of honor - from those of us who remember.

Semper Fi!
Stan Kozlowsk

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