Third Recon Bn / Iraq

Back in action 2008

Hand Salute to Col. Seely and the men of the Bn.

Photos sent by Col. Seely

Our Color Sergeant, Sgt Ryan Reed, Bn SgtMaj. & Bn CO

Command Teams at our "TOA"...or Transfer of Authority. For 2d Recon it was LtCol John Shafer and SgtMaj Robert Beith.

Bn. Sgt. Major, My Son Nick Shircliff & Bn.CO Bill Seely.

Photos Compliments of SSgt Chad Charlton (Plt.Sgt)

Team "Assassin 3" prior to us conducting an operation in Al-Quaim Iraq in support of OIF.

Alpha Co.Team Leaders & Assistant Team Leaders. Bn CP Okinawa 2008

3rd Recon Training Jump/29 Palms

Recent (JULY 2008) Article in Stars and Stripes on the Battalion