2003 Terry Graves Award Report

After several months of hard work and numerous phone calls to Groton Middle School,
Fred Ostrom has orchestrated the annual Terry Graves Award. With the help of Les Graves
(Terry's Father) and Gary Watrous (Chairman of Graves Memorial Fund) they have set up an
award program that mirrors the Robert Jenkins Award. This is presented each year to 3 students that
show excellence in the classroom and in their daily activities. Fred Ostrom traveled to Groton N.Y.
last month and attended the Groton Middle School Awards Picnic and was honored to present the
First Graves Memorial Award to 3 extremely sharp and squared away kids. We are now half-way in
our quest to set up awards for all four of our Medal of Honor recipients. With some more initiative and
hard work we can complete this mission that is so very important to memorializing our fallen comrades.
Thanks to everyone that help fund these awards.

Semper Fi

Click Here for Photo of Graves Memorial